Our route to living and working abroad had many twists and turns. To catch everyone up to speed, lets recap.
We had been throwing around the idea of my husband becoming “International Mobile” for quite a while.  This is a career choice which directs you to live in a country outside of your home county.  We knew it would be a one of a kind experience and after talking about it for several months we decided to go for it. We figured now would be the perfect time and anxiously waited for a new assignment. Little did we know how many wheels have to be turning in order for a transfer to actually happen. Over the course of 9 months, we had a lot of location possibly’s and maybe’s come and go (Some of which we were happier to see go..). Everytime a new location came up I’d go straight for my laptop to scour the internet for any info I could find…I’m very geographically challenged so googlemaps became my new BFF.

Finally, on May 17th, we got news that my husband had a new position! Should he choose to accept it, we would be packing up and moving across the Atlantic Ocean to Port-Gentil, Gabon! After consulting my BFF and wikitravel I learned that PoG is a very safe, happy, little town off the western coast of Central Africa. Both of us were ecstatic about the news and could not wait to share it.

This is when the wheels started turning veeeery fast. The following week was spent gathering paperwork for visas and arranging travel plans. 8 days after officially accepting his new position, my husband was on a plane for a job hand-over and to check out our new home. He stayed there for 3 weeks while I wrapped things up in Louisiana. Each time I talked to him there was a new story about what he saw or ate that day and I got more excited to get on with the move.

My husband returned to the states for 2 weeks… a busy 2 weeks! We were fortunate enough to see a lot of family during this time. It was the perfect way to spend our last days in the states, surrounded by people we love.

I remember feeling like our transfer was NEVER going to happen. Then all of the sudden our lives went from 0-60 in 2 seconds flat! Just over 2 months after acceptance, we were both on our way to our new home.