I never would have thought, after being in our home in Louisiana for only 2 years how much stuff we would accumulate.  I was so sure we had managed and maintained our belongings so packing would be very simple for us when moving day came…. well was I ever wrong!! Luckily, my parents were able to make a trip down to Louisiana to help me pack and separate our house in to “longterm storage” and “ship to Gabon” piles.  I could not have figured it all out without them!!  One set of movers came to the house for both our storage and shipment piles.  This idea made me a little crazy… what if they got confused and accidentally send our storage stuff to us in Gabon??  However, once they started I was very relieved at how organized they were.  Half of the boxes I had packed were awkwardly taped or just not up to snuff… so they repacked them!  Those white things on the right behind the dollies are actually dining room chairs that they built boxes for!


I have been emailing back and forth with a couple of wives who have lived or are living in PoG and they have given me wonderful tips about what to have shipped over.  Most of the tips surround items that we use all the time in the US but can’t find in PoG… like BBQ sauce! I think I’ve included about 8 bottles in our shipment.  While we know these things will be coming to us eventually, it normally takes about 3 months to finally make it to your doorstep.  Because of this, I’ve decided to try to smuggle some things in my suitcases as well.  My husband says I PROBABLY won’t be taken to jail if I get caught in customs with food… so reassuring 🙂  Well, all of these smuggled goods really add up in your suitcase, and you’re only allowed 50 lbs per bag.  I have packed and unpacked and repacked the same suitcases over and over and over again trying to make them the correct weight.  I am looking forward to finally getting to our home and unpacking them for the last time.

We ended up with a total of 7 checked bags… each weighing almost exactly 50 lbs…. that’s roughly 350 pounds!!  I wish I could say the poundage is evenly distributed between both my husband and I however I am embarrassed to admit it is almost all me! (he left almost all of his things in our apartment in PoG before he came back to the states)

Here is a picture of us just before leaving for the airport with my cousin, her family, and our bags!

IMG_2516 - Copy

These next two pics are of Jersey and Louie… helping me pack.

Jersey's not so sure about the move...
Jersey’s not so sure about the move…
Louie is not too bothered by the move… or anything really!