For a while now, I have been hearing about the Port-Gentil zoo and today I finally got to go!! Before heading over there, my friend and I stocked up on mangoes, papayas, bananas, apples, and avocados to give to the animals.  Yes I did just say GIVE TO THE ANIMALS…. like literally put the fruit in their hand!  I was a little skeptical heading over there thinking to myself, ‘theres no way they will let us just feed them’…. but feed them we did 🙂

rabbits… in a zoo? sure why not
-ducks too! not pictured are the hundreds of guinea pigs in the next cage over
As we made our way past all of these “wild animals” we started hearing some hooping and hollering coming from a few cages back.  This is who we found:

chowing down... he couldn't get enough of the fresh fruit!
chowing down… he couldn’t get enough of the fresh fruit!

As soon as we walked up, he knew we must have some goodies because he darted right over to us.  Yall, I have never been this up close and personal with a beast like this…  All that stood between us was a chain link cage!  In the picture above, you can see his right hand reaching out- there is a tube that extends from outside of his cage to where is hand is- this is how we passed the fruit to him.

This big guy!!
This big guy!!
Notice the mango in his foot... saving it for later?
Notice the mango in his foot… saving it for later?

We continued through the zoo and found more hungry guys.  I took pictures while my friend fed them and at one point, one of these guys reached through the fence and swatted me! I guess I wasn’t getting his good side….diva…

IMG_2157[1] IMG_2153[1] IMG_2156[1] IMG_2158[1] IMG_2159[1]Before making one last stop by the gorilla again, we found some goat/deer-ish guys….

This was the smallest piece of fruit we had left... he worked hard to get that thing through his cage!
This was the smallest piece of fruit we had left… he worked hard to get that thing through his fence!

I will admit, there is not a whole lot to do in PoG.  Its days like today though that help me realize that we’ve experienced things here that we never could back in the states…. and that’s whats so exciting about being here!  SO if you want to feed monkey some fruit, come visit us! 🙂