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The good part of farewell… the parties!!

We originally found out about a possible transfer in February of this year… and chose to keep the news a little quiet until we had some definite plans pinned down.  Just like when we waited for an official offer to move TO Port Gentil, it seemed like our offer to relocate OUT of Port Gentil was never going to come.  We waited during the height of a stressful round of layoffs at my husbands company which added to the tension.  Finally by the end of April we received some good news and the word was out…. we were officially moving to Scotland!

As soon as I broke the news to my girlfriends, it seemed like every week was another reason to celebrate- last coffee, last lunch, last cocktail at lido.  My last day at Mission Nissi was full of dancing, snapping pictures, and shooting videos- even a few secret video messages from the kids that I later found.  To tie it all together, Seth’s company graciously put together an incredible celebration at the beach with his team and our friends.  Yall know how terrible Seth’s work schedule was in PoG, but this beach was our little smidge of respite on Sundays.  Before lunch started, Seth’s managers and a couple of his team members shared some very special words about their time working together.  I know Seth is pretty rad, but its nice to hear coming from other people too!  We left that afternoon with so many special goodies and memories from Gabon.  That night, the party continued for one last get together with our friends.  We feasted on the famous “H-Burgers” and tequila shots and eventually made our way to a local nightclub for some dancing.  Our final farewell was with our good friend Habiba at the airport… it is so fitting that hers was the last smiling face we saw as we departed Gabon!  We got to leave our home for the past 2 years with so many happy memories shared with some awesome people!



Cape Lopez

Although my husband is working extremely hard, we have found Sundays to be a wonderful beach day for us.  In PoG, there are two beaches to visit.  The closest (and nicest if you ask me) is Sogara.  This beach is located on the eastern side of Gabon’s peninsula, providing very calm waters and virtually no wind.  Reminiscent of the Caribbean, this beach is absolutely made for the expat wives.  It features a beach front restaurant and bar with lounge chairs and tables in the sand.  The view is picturesque (homepage picture!) and the calm waters are perfect for floating in.  The second beach, which faces in to the Atlantic Ocean, is Cape Lopez.    It is a little further drive for us but offers wide open spaces and better waves to play in.

Last Sunday (my husband’s first day off since we have been here…5 weeks!) we decided to go to Cape Lopez with some friends.  We started with lunch at a BBQ joint by the beach.

.Enjoying lunch with a view!-Enjoying lunch with a view!

Our view from the table
The best part about this spot? Jersey was able to come too!
The best part about this spot? Jersey was able to come too!

From lunch, we took a quick drive down the beach to meet up with our friends.


Jersey couldn't care less about the waves coming for her... keeping her eye on the prize, her Frisbee!
Jersey couldn’t care less about the waves coming for her… keeping her eye on the prize, her Frisbee!


Castel, the local beer
Castel, the local beer
If you look very very close you will see a black smudge... that smudge is a whale!
If you look very very close you will see a black smudge… that smudge is a whale!
Ending the day with a beautiful African sunset
Ending the day with a beautiful African sunset

Although PoG lacks a lot of activities we are used to in the United states (like ummm shopping!?) we are surrounded by natural beauty and have a completely new kind of playground to enjoy!

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